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Kosovo wines ready for the Belgian market

The owners of StoneCastle and Suhareka wine companies, Mr. Avdi Gecaj and Mr. Haziz Tafaj, stayed in Brussels during the period 25-27 February 2019. The Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Brussels arranged several meetings with the Belgian wine distributors with the aim of introducing Kosovo wines to the Belgian market.

The meetings were very positive and encouraging. According to Belgian distributors, their customers are very interested in Kosovo wines, so they were convinced that a deal for the import of Kosovo wines to Belgium can be reached. While representatives from Kosovo stated that Kosovo wine is very qualitative, has tradition and is ready to enter European and world markets.

In the meantime, Belgian distributors will test the wine while further meetings will take place in Düsseldorf during the wine fair that will be held on 17 March 2019. Additionally, with the aim of facilitating the sale of Kosovo wine in Belgium, the Embassy in Brussels is compiling a list of restaurants owned by Kosovo diaspora.

On the 26th of February StoneCastle and Suhareka wines were served at the Independence Day of Kosovo reception organized by the Embassy. In this case, Ambassador Bernard Nikaj thanked StoneCastle and Suhareka wine companies for their support and urged the participants to enjoy Kosovo wines.