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Deputy Minister Thaçi calls for unity of Albanians in Montenegro

Podgorica, 16 January 2015 - First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, continued his official visit in Ulcinj, where he was welcomed by hundreds of Albanians, who had gathered in front of Ulcinj Municipality.

Initially, Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi stopped at the memorial of expelled people during Kosovo war in 1999, where he placed a wreath of flowers. Afterwards, he met Albanian representatives in Ulcinj, where he discussed the advancement of the political status of Albanians in this country.
"Albanians in Montenegro have all institutional responsibilities. There should be a more dignified representation in the Parliament and Government of Montenegro. This was the subject of talks that I had today with leaders of the Montenegro state, "said Thaci.
He urged Albanians not to leave their property and continue to contribute to the development of Ulcinj.
Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi also promised commitment regarding a larger exchange in the field of education, especially in the distribution of ABC book.
"Albanian students from Montenegro, who study abroad, must return and contribute to the representation of their interests within the country", he said.
According to him, Albanians in Montenegro should assist in developing and maintaining political unity and actively contribute to the democracy and economy of Montenegro.
On the other hand, the Mayor of Ulcinj, Fatmir Xheka, stressed out that with his visit, Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi, has honoured all Albanians of Montenegro.
"It is a great honour to have such a great Albanian personality in Ulcinj. He has done a lot for Kosovo and Albanians in Montenegro ", he stated.
During the day, Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi met top leaders of Montenegro state.