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Consular fees


List of consular service fees:

I.Fees for identification card (ID)
1. First identification card, identification card after loss / damage / renewal: 40€

II.Fees for travel document

1. Travel document for return: 30€
2. Passport for first time/ lost/ damaged/ renewed passport over 18 year: 100€
3. Passport for children up to 18 years: 80€

III.Fees for civil registry services

1. Registration of birth/ marriage: 30€
2. Registration of death: free
3. Certificate of birth/ citizenship/ marriage/ habitat/ marital status/ authentication from the archive: 20€
4. Certificate of death: free
5. Report for the acceptance of paternity/ motherhood: 30€

IV.Fees for acquiring/release from citizenship

1. Application for acquisition/renunciation of citizenship: 50€
2. Decision on the acquisition/renunciation of citizenship: 250€
3. Decision on the acquisition/renunciation of citizenship for minors: 100€
4. Decision on the renunciation of citizenship with a release: 400€
5. Decision on the renunciation of citizenship with a release for minors: 200€

V.Fees for visa

1.All kinds of visa: 40€

VI.Fees for legalization and authentication

1.Legalization of foreign public documents and public documents of the Republic of Kosovo: 20€

VII.Fees for notarial deeds and certifications of any kind

1.Verifications and confirmations: 20€
2.Authorizations, translations (intern): 10€
3.Certificate with photo: 10€