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About Embassy

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among  the first countries that have recognized the independence of Kosovo. This country has supported and continues to support Kosovo in all fields. The establishment of diplomatic relations was made on August 7, 2009. Kosovo has opened the embassy in Riyadh on May 2010, while Saudi Arabia covers our country from Tirana.

One of the main functions of the Embassy is to represent, promote and facilitate the development of political, economic and cultural relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia is a partner, friend and one of the main supporters of the Republic of Kosovo.   


Working hours

Embassy is open from 9:00 until 15:00 every working day.

The embassy does not work on official holidays of the Republic of Kosovo, nor those of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For consular issues, please contact the embassy officials for the informations and to schedule a meeting.

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