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Interest for the citizens of Kosovo

Protecting interests of Kosovo citizens abroad

While staying in a foreign country, Kosovo citizens may confront various difficulties. Citizens can go to Diplomatic/Consular missions to raise these problems and request advice about how to deal with them.

Assistance that can be offered from diplomatic/consular representatives consists of:

  • Offering assistance to Kosovo citizens in the receiving state;
  • Offering assistance to Kosovo citizens in extraordinary circumstances;
  • Offering assistance to prisoners or those with legal problems in the receiving country;
  • Offering assistance for the return of Kosovo citizens who have died in the receiving country and ensuring the protection of their property.

The head of the Consular Mission can offer assistance to Kosovo citizens only when it has been verified that the citizen in difficulty, does not also possess citizenship from the receiving state. Offering assistance in extraordinary circumstances, such as natural disasters or high risk events, will be extended to other members of the family who enjoy citizenship of the receiving state.

In case of arrest, the closing or opening of investigation by the authorities of the receiving state, Kosovo citizens have the right to inform diplomatic/consular representatives and to seek relevant assistance, which consists of:

  • Informing the family of arrest;
  • Addressing a defense lawyer, or
  • Requesting intervention of the domestic authorities in cases where violations of human rights are observed.

In the case of the death of Kosovo citizens abroad, diplomatic/consular representatives can offer lists of funeral undertakers and approximate prices; and register the death and issue the necessary documentation for the return of the body of the deceased person. Representatives cannot cover the expenses of repatriation of the body.