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Ambassador Zemaj participates in the inauguration of Valclav Havel Square in the courtyard of the European Parliament in Brussels

With the invitation of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Belgium, Mr. Pavel Klucky, Ambassador Astrit Zemaj participated in a sign of respect for the good friend of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Valclav Havelm who was with us in the most difficult days of our country , on the occasion of the inauguration of the "Valclav Havel" square in the courtyard of the European Parliament in Brussels.

To recall his support and alignment with our people, as follows:

The statement of the former President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, a symbol of freedom and the civil rights movement, who in an interview, given to the German magazine "Der Spiegel", a few months after the end of the war in Kosovo (exactly today 19 years, November 8, 1999), strongly defends NATO's decision on humanitarian intervention in Kosovo, stating:

"... It has certainly been very naive to think that NATO airstrikes will solve all the problems in the Balkans. But, with the intervention of NATO, a step has been taken, through which the international community has shown that it will not be able to be indifferent to the issue and look at the atrocities that took place there. This step should have happened ten years ago. In this way we would have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

In the same interview, he reinforces his view that the intervention was the right step, saying that violations of human rights and freedoms in Kosovo had occurred continuously, refuting the assumption that the main atrocities in Kosovo had escalated. after the start of military intervention by NATO forces. During this interview, he tells his interlocutor that ".... You are not exactly informed: 400,000 (400 thousand) Albanians were deported before the attacks began. Something had happened there, for which in modern history we can find no analogy. Within a year alone more than a million people had been evicted from their homes, who, then, had returned. "Without air strikes, this return of people would not have been possible again, because Milosevic wanted Kosovo to be clean without Albanians."