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Diplomatisches Magazin: Interview with the Ambassador of Kosovo H.E. Beqë Cufaj

Many countries in Europe are part of the European Union and are fully recognized by the United Nations – both are not yet true to Kosovo. After the end of the Kosovo War in 1999, the small country with its almost two million inhabitants was administered by the UN, but at the same time Belgrade enshrined Kosovo in its constitution as a constituent republic. Eleven years ago, it finally gained its independence. Today, it is about confirming the positive trend of economic growth in recent years and discarding the supposedly bad image of a war-damaged country.

H.E. Beqë Cufaj has been the Ambassador of the Western Balkan state for about a year now. Previously, he lived in Stuttgart for many years and worked as a journalist and writer. Based on these experiences, he is optimistic about the future diplomatic and economic developments of his country. In this interview, he talks about the relations with the neighbouring Balkan states, the potential of the young population and the large raw materials reserves.

The Interview with Ambasador Cufaj under the link: