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Scandalous report trying to denigrate the international image of Kosovo

The recent report presented by Mr. Dick Marty, Swiss politician and member of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, with allegations that former Kosovo Liberation Army and its leaders were involved in human organ trafficking is part of a wider campaign that is trying to denigrate the international image of Kosovo and thus obstruct the attempts that Kosovars have undertaken in the last decade to build a viable and democratic Republic of Kosovo. The report is an unfounded narrative seriously lacking in hard evidence.

by Delfin Pllana, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Hungary

It should be borne in mind that Dick Marty, is known internationally that he took a public stance against the NATO intervention to prevent the genocide that was occurring in Kosovo in 1999, and is a known anti-independence of Kosovo advocate.

The presentation of this fabricated and baseless report about non-existent facts and allegations which haven’t been confirmed by international justice, at the very time when Kosovo is going through a very important stage of state building, with a vision of Euro-Atlantic integrations, clearly aims to damage the image of Kosovo and the positive achievements.

This scandalous report is directed against citizens of Kosovo that have faced difficult times in the recent past, it is directed against its leaders that have worked hard in the last decade to rebuild Kosovo and prepare it for Euro-Atlantic future, it is directed against the international community that has invested a lot in Kosovo, but above all it is directed against the future of Kosovo.

Allegations presented in the report have been investigated several times by credible local and international justice institutions, including the UN International War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY), UNMIK and EULEX, and in all cases the outcome of investigations proved that these claims were unfounded. Hence, a March 2004 report drafted by five international experts of the ICTY says that examinations haven’t given substantive evidence that crimes were committed at the alleged crime sites. Also, Mr.Svetko Kovac, head of Serbia’s Military Secret Service, told Belgrade media these days that his service doesn’t possess facts to substantiate human organ trafficking as alleged in this report.

The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo have called on credible international institutions to investigate these allegations and once and for all conclude this matter.

The report is very destructive and tries to destabilize the region, at a time when the whole region is giving maximal efforts to move ahead with reforms, establish rule of law, modernize economies and promote good neighbourly relations, with a consequent final aim to join the European Union.

As such, this report must be harshly condemned by the democratic world.

To date, the Republic of Kosovo is recognized by the 2/3 of the world economies, more than 80% of the EU member states, over 70% of Council of Europe member states, 60% of OSCE member states and a dozen member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference and Arab League.

This year the ICJ reaffirmed the legality and legitimacy of the state of Kosovo, declaring that the declaration of the independence of Kosovo was in compliance with the applied international law.

Kosovo today is a multiethnic society where the constitution of Kosovo is based on the Comprehensive Status Proposal of President Ahtisaari that grants minorities, and in particular the Serb minority a high level of protection and rights, and positive discrimination. And there are mechanisms in place, overseen also by the international presence in Kosovo, that allow them to exercise their freedoms in full capacities. Kosovo institutions have worked hard to adjust laws with the Acquis Communitaire, and also serious structural, institutional and judicial reforms have been undertaken recently.