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Kosovo’s MTI Representatives participated at the European Tourism Forum in Naples

On October 30-31 2014, at the Conference “13th European Tourism Forum”, which was held in Naples of Italy, the Republic of Kosovo was represented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The conference brought together the Ministers of EU member states and other EU countries. The main topic of the discussion was “Tourism Development and jobs generation”.

At the forum, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Cuneyd Ustaibo, stated that today in the world we have around 1.2 milliard tourists, until 2030 this number is expected to growth in 2.5 milliards. “That’s why Kosovo as well will have tourism growth, while considering these statistics, improving tourism capacities and by creating opportunities for small and medium enterprise development which is a main pillar for country economic development”, said Deputy Minister Ustaibo, and added that the one of main objectives for Kosovo economic development is regional tourism development as well.