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Hoxhaj: European year for Kosovo

Speaking of the launch of the Feasibility Study and the dialogue on visa liberalization, the Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj stated for KosovaTimes that this is the European year for Kosovo. Hoxhaj is currently in Rome for the conclusion of few agreements with the Italian Government.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj is in Italy for a visit, where he will meet with his counterpart, Giulio Terzi, with whom he will discuss on Italy’s support for the visa liberalization, the Stabilization Association process and the Serbian elections in the north.           

“It is well-known that Italy is one of the strongest and most influential countries in the European Union. Therefore, in the meeting with the Foreign Minister, Mr. Terzi, I will discuss for Kosovo’s integration path to the EU, visa liberalization and situation in the north of Kosovo”, claimed Hoxhaj for

Year 2012, according to him, is a historical European year for Kosovo.

“The launch of the Feasibility Study is an initial phase towards the conclusion of the Stabilization Association Agreement, which creates a new contractual relation between Kosovo and institutions in Brussels, an empowerment of Kosovo’s international subjectivity”, he declared.

Also, the commencement of the dialogue on visa liberalization, according to Hoxhaj, is a good opportunity and to this end, he stated, that the Government of Kosovo will mobilize of assets in order to make the required reforms.                       

Asked whether conditions or obstacles from the five EU countries that have not recognised independence of Kosovo, are expected, Minister Hoxhaj stressed that on the contrary these countries are showing a much more relaxed, flexible and open position.                            

“The ministers of these countries themselves, at meetings that I had with them, have openly supported Kosovo’s European perspective and they will not hinder Kosovo’s integration path. This was declared by the ministers of these countries at the beginning of March too, when the decision for the Feasibility Study for Kosovo was made”, he stated.

Speaking of his visit to Italy, the Chief Diplomat of Kosovo pointed out that Kosovo and Italy have very good relations in the political and diplomatic sphere.     

“However, we are very interested in having more Italian investors in Kosovo; strengthen our bilateral economic relations. Therefore, the purpose of my visit is to discuss bilaterally as well as to share some projects and concrete ideas, which we hope will come true”.

Hoxhaj stated that the conclusion of few agreements that will enable Italian investments in Kosovo will be discussed with Minister Terzi.

“There agreements between Kosovo and Italy have not existed before”.

Also, Hoxhaj stressed that he will concrete discuss the finalization of few agreements dealing with the freedom of movement of citizens and goods of the Republic of Kosovo to Italy.            

During the day, Hoxhaj informed that he had meetings with public personalities in Italy and a lecture in the University of Rome.          

“Today, I will also meet few ambassadors of the countries that have not recognized Kosovo. These ambassadors cover Balkans through their embassies in Rome”, stated Hoxhaj.