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Launch of the “Kosovo Month in Japan”

Tokyo, 3 May 2018 – The Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Tokyo with the support and cooperation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are organizing the “Kosovo Month in Japan” from 3 May until 2 June 2018 in Tokyo, JICA Global Plaza, the first time for Kosovo. Several activities are organized during this month, to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo.

The month will be launched with a special exhibition titled “Touch a Piece of Kosovar Culture”. It consists of traditional clothes, “çiftelia’ instrument, “plis” hat, handicrafts, and other authentic products from Kosovo together with videos that focus on culture, food and touristic attractions. In the corner, children can also paint the Kosovo flag in the provided pieces of paper with colours. The special exhibition will be opened from 3 May until 2 June 2018.


A photo exhibition titled “Beautiful Kosovo” will be opened from 15 until 28 May. 30 photos by Kosovo artists will portray the old and the new, castles, cities, streets, artists, dresses, traditions, festivals and everyday life in Kosovo.


Two seminars will be delivered by Japanese who have great experience and knowledge with Kosovo. The first seminar, on 9 May, is titled “Kosovo: A Gastronomic Destination!”. It will focus on authentic food, local drinks and touristic attractions and will be followed by a wine tasting event. The presenters will be Mr. Akira Yokochi, a former UNMIK officer in the city of Prizren, and Ms. Yumi Yasuda, former JICA expert to the Kosovo Ministry of European Integration. 


The second seminar, on 17 May, will focus on culture and tourism. It will be presented by Prof. Keiichi Kubo of Waseda University. Both seminars will be opened with welcoming speeches by the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo and high-level officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. 


During this month, Kosovar food will be served at J Café at JICA (from 7 May until 2 June) during lunchtime, including stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes and qebapa. This is a great opportunity for those interested to taste the Kosovo characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions. Recipes will also be available for you to take home so that you can prepare such food by yourself.