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Kosovo, a New Investment Destination and Japan's Gateway to Europe

Tokyo, 21 January 2021 - At the invitation of APA Group, Chargé d'affaires Enis Xhemaili gave a lecture at APA Shouheijyuku Academy on "Kosovo, a New Investment Destination and Japan's Gateway to Europe!”. Firstly, Mr. Xhemaili made a summary of the history, presented the general demographic data, underlined the excellent relations with Japan including the similarities. Then, he explained in detail the investment opportunities, the most attractive sectors, the role and function of KIESA, and the tourist attractions.

"I invite potential Japanese investors from all profiles to consider Kosovo as an investment destination," said Mr. Xhemaili.

At the end of the presentation, positive comments were provided by the participants about the momentum of progress and achievements of the Republic of Kosovo and some questions were asked that further highlighted the successes and further promoted Kosovo as an attractive place to invest and visit.

In addition to the CEO of APA Group, Mr. Toshio Motoya, in this activity participated about 80 people, of which MPs (Chairman of the Albania-Japan Friendship League in the National Diet of Japan Mr. Hiroshi Hase), academics from various universities, students, businesspersons, officials of various institutions as well as prominent personalities from Japanese society. The event will be published in APA Group's monthly Apple Town magazine, which is distributed to guests at over 300 APA Group hotels in Japan.

This is one of the activities organised to mark the celebrations for the 13th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo.