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Kosovo is Introduced to the Japanese Public through “Min-On Music Journey”

Tokyo, 17 February 2021 - In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Japan and on the 13th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo, the Min-On Concert Association has published in Japanese and English an extensive report on the Republic of Kosovo in its "Min-On Music Journey” online 25th series. After the anthem performed by Okteti Plus, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Japan, Mr. Enis Xhemaili, addressed the viewers of this site through a video recording. "Grateful to Min-On Concert Association, it is a pleasure to present a part of our national treasured heritage. We are proud of our rich culture, unique traditions, folk and modern music and dances, picturesque sceneries, and delightful gastronomy – so little known by the public in Japan.” said Mr. Xhemaili stating at the end that Kosovo is ready for Japanese tourists to visit.

Prishtina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo, has been described as a vibrant commercial city. Through stunning photos of Kosovar and Japanese photographers, "NEWBORN" monument, national library, Mother Teresa cathedral and square, the famous macchiato and cafeterias, concerts of Dua Lipa and Rita Ora, archaeological park Ulpiana, bear sanctuary, as well as Gracanica Monestery were underlined.

Prizren and Gjakova with their cultural and artistic attractions and activities have also been nicely summarised. “Bakllasarma” and “sarma with grape leaves” have been presented as some of the most delicious Kosovar foods. Gorani traditions of face painting for the wedding ceremonies have been presented as unique traditions.

The "Shota" ensemble and "Hasi Jehon" Festival through photos and videos have shown the culture and traditions of Albanian dances and songs in Kosovo. Meanwhile, a special part has been dedicated to Kosovar music of different genres. Therefore, the following 6 Kosovar bands were presented: Jericho, String String, Troja, Ethnically Plugged, Offchestra, and Gipsy Groove, where viewers are able to watch a song from each group selected by the authors of the article.

This report is a good opportunity to present Kosovo in Japan, especially when the Min-On Concert Association invites various world dance and song groups to perform in Japan. Therefore, we hope that in the future the Kosovar groups presented in this report will also be invited.