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Ambassador Ahmetaj submits her letters of credentials to the President of Slovenia, Danilo Türk

Lubjana, 1 June 2012 – Today, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Slovenia, Mimoza Ahmetaj, submitted her letters of credentials to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Danilo Türk.

In the ceremony held in the Presidential Palace, Ambassador Ahmetaj pledged that during her mandate as Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the Republic of Slovenia, she will work with all her capacity to advance further the good relations between the two friendly states.

“Slovenia is especially important for all the Balkans, including Kosovo, as it is an entry port to the EU. Slovenia has always been a leader in the region in all Euro-Atlantic processes, a supporter of the freedom of the people of Kosovo in difficult times, a supporter of independence and has lobbied for its recognition by other states”, said amongst other things Ambassador Ahmetaj to President Türk, mentioning the fact that Kosovo declared its independence during the time of the Slovene Presidency of the EU.

The Kosovo Ambassador also emphasized that Slovenia’s role today is significant in Kosovo, bearing in mind that this friendly state is present politically in KFOR, EULEX and economically is the second largest investor in Kosovo.

“We have a lot to learn from the Slovenian experience. We will try in cooperation with you to lobby further regarding Kosovo’s recognition in those states which have still not recognized Kosovo as an independent state, within the EU, and also other states. In addition, we will work in cooperation with you, for Kosovo to become a member of other institutions and mechanisms, in which Slovenia is currently a member with full rights, as well as Kosovo’s accession to the EU and NATO, and visa liberalization for Kosovo’s citizens. We would like Slovenia to be even more present in Kosovo, as an investor, considering the good conditions we present for investment”, said Ambassador Ahmetaj.

The Slovenian President Danilo Türk, wishes the Ambassador welcome to Slovenia and success in her work.

Türk mentioned the first time he visited Kosovo as an independent state immediately after its declaration of independence.

In addition, President Türk received the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga in Slovenia and expressed respect for the work she is doing.

“We will always be beside you on the path on which you are heading, and personally i will try to lobby with all my capacity for Kosovo’s recognition even more, because Kosovo is an important factor of stability in the region”, said the Slovenian President, expressing the readiness of Slovenia to strongly coordinate with Kosovo’s institutions to advance the Republic of Kosovo’s path toward Euro-Atlantic integration.

President Danilo Türk also expressed his readiness to raise awareness in the respective ministries and institutions to increase investment and economic and trading exchange with Kosovo.
President Türk guaranteed that the Presidency and the Government of Slovenia will be very open to further cooperation with the Republic of Kosovo.