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Avni Kastrati Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the Republic of Slovenia

Born on 3rd of October 1948 in Gjakovë, Kosovo.

Married, with two children, grandfather of six grandchildren.

Mr. Kastrati, apart from his mother tongue Albanian, speaks Serbian and Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian and has basic knowledge of Turkish.


1968–1975 Engineer
Technical Faculty - Branch: Machinery - University of Pristina, Pristina (Kosovo)

Technical High School, Mitrovicë (Kosovo)

Work Experience

On August 2018, Mr. Avni Kastrati was appointed Ambassador with a decree by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi.

Mr. Kastrati was Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo between 2014–2017 and Mayor of the Municipality of Mitrovica between 2009–2013.

Prior to that, he was CEO and owner of Noring – Oil-Trade Company(1990–2009) in Mitrovicë, specialized in oil import. During this time the company, among others, collaborated with Slovene companies Mapetrold.o.o. in Maribor (as their partner in Kosovo, between 1996-2008) and with Tabakumd.o.o. in Novo Mesto (between 2000-2008).

Mr. Kastrati has worked in one of the most fast-growing industrial complexes in Kosovo, working as Director in Trepça - Process Equipment Factory (1987–1989), as Director of Maintenance in Trepça - Chemical Industry (1983–1987), and as Director of Maintenance in Trepça - Zinc metallurgy (1977–1978) in Mitrovicë. He was also a Technical Director in TransKosova - Freight Transport Enterprise in Mitrovicë (1978–1983).

Mr. Kastrati has also an academic background, as he started his career as a University Professor (1975–1977) and Professor (1971–1975) in Technical High School in Mitrovicë.


2007 – 2017 Chairman of the professional commission for compilation of development projects in Mitrovica.

2004 – 2007 Member of the Management Board - Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.


2012 – 2018 Chairman of the Branch in Mitrovica and Member of the Managing Council - Democratic Party of Kosovo
2002 – 2012 Member of the Democratic Party of Kosovo


Financial support for Kosovo Liberation Army.

2000- 2007 Funding and Chairman of the Association of Kosovo Protection Corps friends in Mitrovica.

1990- 1999 Allocation of 20 scholarships for students from Mitrovica.

1990- 2009 Support for humanitarian development projects in Mitrovica.

2007 – 2008 Founder and Chairman of the Rotary-Club in Mitrovica.