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Kosovo Embassy staff volunteers for the DC Community Carrot

March 25, 2017 – Washington, DC.

Just over a month ago Kosovo Embassy in Washington D.C. marked independence anniversary through a series of community activities including volunteering by painting a promising space for DC Community Carrot*

Ambassador Vlora Citaku had the privilege to cut the ribbon of DC Community Carrot while showing gratitude to all by saying that "this is our way to thank the people of United States, the way to give back for helping us be free and independent". Ambassador highlighted that "For someone who belonged to the generation of underprivileged and had very little all the students here I want to say that sky is the limit. You can make it, if you work hard and if you have friends. And David Sheon is one of them who made this idea real!”

*The Entrepreneurship Training program for Opportunity is a new program created to teach D.C. Opportunity youth - young people out of school and out of work how to create and run successful businesses.