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Thaçi receives the support of Congress

Washington, 2 February 2015 - First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hashim Thaçi together with the Minister of European Integration, Bekim Çollaku, and Ambassador Akan Ismaili held separate meetings with U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and Congressman George Holding.

At the meetings, Thaçi talked about the latest developments in the country and Kosovo's internal and external efforts.

Thaçi also informed them about the functioning of the stable and inclusive government, the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, and the government's focus on economic development. The security situation in Kosovo was mentioned as an achievement.

On the other hand, Senator Murphy congratulated Thaçi on the formation of the government and the progress achieved in Kosovo. He has appraised the government in meeting the internal and external challenges.

Recalling his visit to the region, Senator Murphy said he saw how important is the continued U.S. commitment in the region, and the presence of the European Union.
"The U.S. and the EU must remain committed in the region," Murphy said.

In regards to the developments in Kosovo, Thaçi has informed Congressman Holding as well. With the latter, Thaçi discussed the process of transferring the judiciary competences from the international to the local.

Congressman Holding has pledged support in this area, noting that "reforms in the justice system in Kosovo will continue to be supported by the United States."

After Washington, the Kosovo delegation will travel to New York, where they will attend the next session of the UN Security Council.