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Thaçi at the National Security Council: Kosovo wants the whole Balkans in NATO

Washington, 3 February 2015 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hashim Thaçi met today with the Senior Director of European Affairs at the National Security Council, Charles Kupchan, where they discussed political developments and the issues of security in Kosovo and the region.

Thaçi has informed Kupchan about the formation of the inclusive government, the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, the commitment to establish the Armed Forces of Kosovo and the uncompromising stance in combating extremism and terrorism.

During the meeting, Thaçi asked for renewed support to push forward the formation of the Armed Forces that will pave the way for membership in the Partnership for Peace and NATO. On this occasion, Thaçi, on behalf of the people of Kosovo, thanked the U.S. for their continuous support to Kosovo.

On the other hand, Kupchan has confirmed interest in developments in Kosovo and the region. He has offered support for important processes in Kosovo such as the formation of the Armed Forces of Kosovo, the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and regional cooperation.

During his stay in Washington, Thaçi also met with senior officials of relevant government and military institutions, non-governmental organizations and businesses that operate in the U.S. On this occassion, Thaçi has organized a special reception to thank them for their continuous support and their personal commitment to advance the issue of Kosovo in Washington.

Among the participants at the reception were Congressman Eliot Engel, Jason Steinbaum from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Daniel Server from SAIS Johns Hopkins, Robert Goldstein from the World Bank, Kristina Kiser from FBI, Col. Terry Anderson from Pentagon, and many other important figures in Washington who are directly related to the issue of Kosovo and the Albanians in general.

During his speech, Thaçi thanked them for their continuous support. He has also confirmed the permanent gratitude and friendship of the people of Kosovo to the United States.

Congressman Engel has hailed the achievements of Kosovo in the postwar period and expressed that the U.S. will remain committed to support Kosovo in the future.

At the reception, the Minister of European Integration, Bekim Çollaku, Ambassador Akan Ismaili and the Head of Consular Office in New York, Vlora Çitaku, were present as well.