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Thaçi receives support for Kosovo's accession to international organizations

Washington, 5 February 2015 - First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hashim Thaçi met with Senator Ben Cardin, the head of the Helsinki Committee in the OSCE.

Thaçi has informed Senator Cardin about the formation of the new government and its commitment to transforming the Kosovo Security Force into the Armed Forces of Kosovo.

On this occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Thaçi and Senator Cardin also discussed the continuation of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and the agreements reached so far between the two countries.

Thaçi also informed Senator Cardin about Kosovo's expectations to sign the SAA this year and the visa liberalization process. He expressed the willingness to continue the process of Kosovo's accession to international organizations.

On the other hand, Senator Cardin has promised that the United States will strongly support Kosovo and will continue to help its path to accession to international organizations. "The United States strongly supports Kosovo and will work closely that Kosovo becomes part of the OSCE and other international organizations," Cardin said.

During his stay in Washington, Thaçi also met with the head of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Congressman Mike Turner.

The latter was informed by Thaçi about the commitment of Kosovo institutions to accelerate Kosovo's integration to NATO and the EU.

Thaçi said that the prospects of Kosovo and the region are to become part of the NATO and the EU.

"Kosovo is making the transformation of its forces into the Armed Forces of Kosovo and initially expect to become part of the Partnership for Peace and then NATO," Thaçi said.

They agreed that the slowdown of the membership process of the Balkan countries could strengthen the role of destabilizing forces in the region.

"The slower the membership process in NATO and its expansion in the region, the more stronger the destabilizing forces in the region become," Thaçi said.

Turner said that Kosovo is in his daily agenda and assured Thaçi that he will continue to support Kosovo in its path to integrating in the Euro-Atlantic institutions.

Congressman Turner also expressed his willingness to visit the region and Kosovo in the near future.